Wednesday, 30 September 2009

red water

salut! long time no post guys. i was just too lazy to post.

i need more holiday! ah i havent finished my asr long term homework, and i need to finish it rite now. i already started to do it since about two days ago, but now, i dont know how to finish it all.
i tried the school uniform yesterday. i look so weird in the uniform. uh im not ready to wear the uniform again!!! go away schooldays!!

hey, my sister's bday is today! and you should know that i almost forgot her bday. what a bad older sister i am. im not so happy rite now, cheer me up guys!!

kk i gotta go now, byebye pals!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

salut! long time no see pals! comment allez vous everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

well yesterday i went to itc to buy plain white skirt for the school uniform, and then we went to carrefour
mmm 9th grade is so haaaaaaaard, i did a lot of tryout. and im trying to love to study
believe it or not, i used to study only when i had a test. so no test, no study. but now, i have to study a lot, i want to have 39 for my nem, and the good news is now i love to study!!

i have a loooooooooooot of homework. im eating black mulberry yoghurt rite now hihi, want some?

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


im disappointed, really disappointed
tau ah males

Monday, 6 July 2009

piggy bank

my holiday is not a holly day

i go nowhere uhhhhh im bored
my holiday activities ---> online, eat, sleep, go to course
my schoolday activites ---> online, eat, go to school, go to course
there are no big difference between the holiday and the schoolday rite?

hey im sleepy @_@
wake up ann!!!!!!!!!!! it's still 7.21 pm

well you guys have to know that i have to make a karya tulis!!!!
min: 25 pages
must be creative and objective
ada lambang sekolah in its cover with 2,22 x 1,38 cm for its size........ hhhhhh @#$%^
oooooh so complicated and not simple for sure

totally a hot news

Maryam says:


Saturday, 4 July 2009

kucing garang

still in bandung, dont go anywhere
i feel that im sick, daddy still i-dont-know-where with his high school friends
i just surf the internet and search for the mystery of km 68-76 cipularang hhh

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it hurtsssssss, sakit bgt mom, can we just go homeeeeeeeeeeeee

km 68-76

comment allez vous my buddies?
ummmm im on bandung rite now, and im the way too bored oh man.

hmm when i was on my way to bdg, mommy told me a scary story about km 68-76
mom: "honey, do you know the story of km 68-76?"
me: "ha? noooooo, tell me"
mom: "there was a family who was on their way to bandung, then the son wanted to pee, and they suddenly stopped around that kilometer"
me: "after that?"
mom: "his mother told him not to go too far, and after he peed, his mommy picked him up. they continued the journey but the son just kept silent on the way"
me: "ihhhhhhhh then?"
mom: "they stayed in bandung for two days, and then they went back to jakarta. the son wanted to pee, and he wanted to stop around km 68-76"
me: "uhhhhh km 68-76, and what happened?"
mom: "the son went too far and he suddenly gone, the panic family continued their journey to the toll road exit, and told the officer everything. the officer wanted them to tell the spesific appearance and they told him. and the officer said,
oh yes, i know him, he stayed with us since two days ago
and who's the person who stayed with the family for two days? nobody knows"
me: "aihhhh"
and then i took a look at the kilometer board and yeah, i was on km 76

Monday, 15 June 2009


this monday uuuuuuuuuu im absent uuuuu
you're so %^&*$#@ deh ndra muahaha
i speak to myself, am i crazy? oh yes i do
muahaha love you guys (???????????)

Saturday, 13 June 2009

final exam

uas is a week ago yah muach
my final exam score is not so good but good juga, bingung deh-,----

english; 98
math; 87,5
ips; 86
arabic; 86
t3 (alquran); 92
physics; 60
indonesian; 74
biology; 86
tik; 97
pai; gatau-_----- parahbgt
total remedial for now; 2

my physics remedial is so....... bad
hmmmmm i didnt answer 1 question and gatau the rest of it are bener or salah ya so......

Monday, 18 May 2009


believe it or not, i didnt come late this monday wakakak!!!!!!!
i arrived at............ 7.08, if im not mistaken.

trs ya im hyperactive as usual in the school-_-
nyubitin orang, goyang2in meja, nyoret2 meja and then dinda erased it muahaha (K), gebukin orang tapi not kasar dooooooong kan im iseng!!!

trs tadi i tried to juggle gt, gapake balls but i used rolledsocks wakakaka. trs i messed up, 100% failed uh

again and again, mira ngarang lagu about me and agak2 hahaha i love you mira

oiya, nama2 yang sering dijodoh2in sama gue
  • pasha (i met him in angkotttttt and i dont know him deh really, he sang ungu's song for me oh man, trs we agreed to called him pasha)
  • boy w.k. (ceritanya, he's ketua wk gt, eaaaa. i never know or meet someone like him loh, mira and maryam ngarang2)